Agave Bloom

This pictures are not good.  I was trying to take them quickly before I left for work.  I couldn’t really venture into the gravel because I was in heals.  So I was looking into the sun and took them with my phone so didn’t even look at them till later.  The tree across the street is lined up with the top in this photo and looks like its part of the stalk.

What you really can’t tell, or maybe you can.  This is as tall as me.  I had my phone directly in front of my face and as I said I was in heals.

So this agave is blooming.  Which unfortunately will be the end of the plant.  Luckily there are a lot of pups around it so we are not short of plants.

I noticed this a couple of days ago.  However I was out there on Sunday doing a little work RIGHT THERE and did not notice this stalk which looks like a giant asparagus at this point.  What I do know, is my hand doesn’t fit around it.

I can’t wait to see what the bloom will actually look like when it happens.

Stay tuned……


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