Tile Porch part 1

Part one because we will be driving back out tomorrow to grout the porch tiles into place.

My sister tore the old blue Astro turf off the porch this morning. Lori had loaded our tile saw and equipment into the car last night while I was at work.  So my involvement in the prep of today’s project was pretty minimal.  Picking out tile and grout with Lori yesterday before work.

Now most of the tile we had from when we did the studio a year and a half ago.  But we were just a little  short so picked up some tile to make a pattern in the middle.

It was hot, only 85 today but damn it was hot laying out the tile then picking it all back up to mortar it all in.  I had sweat literally rolling off my nose into the mortar.

It’s a small space and staring in the middle so our pattern would be centered and then working from the sides out and finally tiling myself right in the front door.

My niece was photographing as we went.  So sweating pictures of us working included.

We are driving back out early tomorrow to grout it all into place so final photos then.

We did have really cute company……..

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