Tile Porch part 2

Up early although with the fall back even though the alarm went off at 5:30 I felt pretty  well rested.

We were fed and on the road before 7:00 and got to Calimesa by 8:30.

The grouting abs cleaning of the grout went pretty smoothly.  The edging is going to need some work. We did put a metal threshold over the edge but we are not thrilled.

Lunch with the fam and we hit the road about 2:00 pm. Home after another stop at the hardware store for inspiration.

Lori has been grading papers, I made food for today and part of the week and all of a sudden at 9:00 that extra hour this morning I feel like I’m giving it back.


3 Responses to “Tile Porch part 2”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Pretty! Wish I could have worked with you guys. You know how I feel about tile!

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