Vote Vote Vote

My ballot went out a while ago.  Another family member got their voting card TODAY to go to the polls tomorrow.

Lori has been trying for nearly two months to get the absentee ballot because she can’t be at the polls tomorrow.

She had a confirmation number and still when my ballot showed up hers did not.  She tried again and got another confirmation number.  Every day we check the mail and cross our fingers.

Well Friday she had to drive clear to Mission Viejo to check on an intern’s site before she was out of available days.  This is her only day off (cough).  She got back to the house and luckily the Los Angeles Registrars office is in Norwalk.  It is a mile from our house.

She went down and went in to get a ballot to fill out and the line, the line, went out the door around the building, wound around the parking lot and down the block!  She was able to get the form you fill out but there was no waiting.  (I did find a photo on-line someone else posted but couldn’t get permission to use it so just know it was looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

So today she left early and went back and got in line, found out that although her address on record is Norwalk, they sent her ballot(s) to OLD addresses and couldn’t even find her polling place in their list.  She got a ballot and VOTED!

I am so very ready for all of this to be over and so very uneasy at the same time.  There is a growing divide in the country and I don’t think any “lets all unite” speech can undo the hate, the racist comments, the sexist comments and the fear mongering that is being perpetuated within the population.  I am so sad.

I logged onto Facebook for a few minutes today.  There were some sweet things I have missed this week, but I did a lot of scrolling because I just couldn’t read so much of what was there.  I’ve been avoiding most television, even NPR on my drives.  My two commute times hit both BBC broadcasts and even they have way too much coverage at this point.

Even my UBS representative has a conference call for Wednesday titled “A Special call on what the results could mean for you”  Yea uncomfortable maybe but contingency plans will need to be made.

I don’t foresee sleep tonight, its been off for both of us because of the stress from all it.

If you haven’t voted, please please please put the effort out tomorrow to vote.  And while your out there voting (for Hillary) be nice to the people around you, even if they are jerks.  There is so much jerkiness out there it is disheartening.



2 Responses to “Vote Vote Vote”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Thanks to Lori for her determination to vote. Every ballot counts! And yes, don’t you wish we could just hike off into the woods and forget it all? The whole bloody thing has been awful, start to finish.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, Katherine!!! And figure that those looooonnnngg lines help to suppress people from voting! What a shame! I sent my ballot in weeks ago in WA state.

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