My Phoebe Buffay moment


This is where the smoke detector lived yesterday.  However at 5:20 this morning it went off.  Not in a chirp the battery is dying but full on WAKE YOUR ASSES UP YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE.

I was up, out of bed, lights no.  No smoke.  No fire.  Turned it off, checked everything and went back to bed.  I was a bit shaky.

Five minutes later it went off again.  We got up again and got the thing off the wall.  Lori got in turned off and I tried to open it, thinking it was a dead nine volt battery.  I was twisting and pressing and couldn’t get it open.  Lori of sounder mind, took it from me and read the instructions.  It was a 10 year unit, that once the battery dies it is disposed of completely.

Guess the battery died.  She found the permanent way to turn it off and into the garbage the unit went.

One Response to “My Phoebe Buffay moment”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Did you at least beat it with a shoe a few times?

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