Lost in percentages

So much anger and frustration.  I feel you.  I too am disgusted and disappointed.

I’m just disgusted in so many directions I’m not sure where to focus.

49%  roughly HALF the eligible voters in the country did not bother to vote.  Couldn’t get to the polls.  Don’t vote for religious reasons.  So unhappy with the candidates.  Whatever reason they have they did not vote.

Of the other 51% it is split nearly 50-50 between Trump and Clinton.  No not exactly there were third parties and write in’s and such but I am using round numbers.

25% of the half that bothered to vote did so for Clinton and 25% for Trump.

So 25% of the entire population actively voted for a man I personally find offensive, dangerous and un fit.

There is a large percentage of that 25% that believe his rhetoric. But also so many who just want a different government and saw this as the only way to get there.  Or have no way out of they small town they are in that has zero job opportunities.  Maybe they don’t even want out, they like their way of life.  They just was a chance to earn one.

Lets just split that 25% for the purpose of my personal blog and say 12.5% of the people in the country actually voted for hate.  Voted for discrimination and they actually think they are better than other members of the same species.

So 12% of the population hates my gay, female self.  (I was actually called a beaner yesterday – and  I am in a seriously blue tipping state).

Sticks and Stones may hurt my bones by names will never hurt me.

But that takes me back to the 50% that didn’t bother to vote.  I am almost more frustrated with them than I am the 25% that voted for Trump.

One Response to “Lost in percentages”

  1. Della Says:

    I feel you.:(

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