Tile Porch part 3

The porch was great, the edge was not.

We left last week knowing we had to finish the edge better.  An uneven surface and an L bracket that didn’t quite cut it.  

We stopped on our way home last week to look at edging but couldn’t find anything. 

We ended up mid week picking up two edging brackets.  

Today I am on call, we were up early enough but right before we left I had a job I had to put in so we didn’t leave until 9:30 or so.  Once we got out there we tried the brackets several ways before we put them back to back and nailed them in. 

Lori then cut tiles and between my a having to stop and work a couple times we got a much better edge on the porch.  We did use both brackets in the same section so we will need to do the short side.  Maybe that will happen over thanksgiving weekend. 

But it looks so much better, and will go great with the new house color going on this week.  


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