Tis the season (I think)

It doesn’t really feel like the holiday’s are right around the corner.  Even though we have family flying in, hotel rooms booked, rides set up and menus planned.

Things have just been so stressful and not in a “holiday stress” sort of way.  More of a “What in the hell is wrong with people and oh crap I may lose my job” sorta way.

I worked 21 hours over the weekend.  As I said last night I was tired, although I slept 9 hours and slept right through my workout I am still tired.  I think more of it is stress than lack of sleep.

We finished the 3rd QTR filing peak at work tonight.  So although we still have work I am hoping for a little more time to breath.  I do work all week and on call again next weekend.  I need to finish studying for my final that needs to be completed by Sunday.

Luckily I work only Monday next week and then I have the rest of the week off to shop, prep, cook, visit, celebrate and be thankful for all the wonderful things in life.  I know they are there, they are just hard to see this last week.


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