massage and vacation

Today Lori and I went for massages before work.  (The most decadent sentence I’ve written in a while)

Last year for Christmas I got her a year of massages, 80 minutes once a month.  We have supplemented with a few additional throughout the year as well.  Occasionally we will book me a massage and have now decided this is a necessary extravagance and will be re-upping for the both of us for next year.

Today however she booked me a massage as well.  We took our work clothes with us, took two cars and went for 10:00 am 80 minute massages at the spa.  No time for Jacuzzi or Sauna but showered and ready for work we actually did get to have lunch together.

I drove from there to work and got there exactly at 2:00.  Unfortunately my manager had sent my co-worker to Houston for a helpout so I was alone and crazy busy.  I was however all relaxed and zen from my massage and the knowledge that this is the only day I work this week.

We are completely short staffed with people on vacation, but I will not have to worry about that.   Besides, there will be other things to worry about and work on.  Family starts flying in tomorrow and I by Wednesday I’ll be well into baking and prepping mode!!  I doubt my zen will last through it all, but it sure did help today.


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