Thanksgiving Week(end)

Tuesday my little sister and her two children flew into LAX from Dallas, after driving 3 hours to get to Dallas that is.  Then my brother Dale picked them up and it took 3.5 hours in traffic to get out to Calimesa.

I had spent Tuesday loading the car and getting all of my salad fixings so they would be fresh.  I loaded up the cooler on Wednesday morning and headed out to Calimesa myself.  Luckily the hour I was traveling it only took me an hour and a quarter to get there.

I arrived before noon and we unloaded everything and I made pies. Which was clearly the last time I blogged.

The rest of the week is a blur.  Thursday Lori drove in.  My sisters and I were well into prepping the food when Vicky and Emily showed up around 11:00.  The day flew by, I gave everyone t-shirts I had made.  They were fun and everyone wore them.  The rest of the guests flew in and drove in and the house had 17 people in it by 3pm.

Dinner was completed and everyone was nice and full.  I was making the whipping cream when the buzz kill of the day happened.  All of a sudden the toilets started backing up… All four of them.

We had to call out a plumber, who came out in the dark, on a holiday and was able to clear the main line from the yard to the street.  I guess seventeen people all day was just too much for the day.

It did put a damper on the night, Lori called the plumber and described the problem.  Then when he arrived my brother Dale hung with him and handled everything.  The company did start to depart before the issue was finished and I did not get a group photo of the shirts so here are a few random photos from the day to show them.






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