steam valve

Its hard to believe that the last time I wrote was about my broken phone…..suspense over,  I got a new phone!   800 bucks later as I guess the “upgrades” now are really just letting you pay for the full price phone over time, not really a deal on the phone.

Saturday morning Lori and I went to the LA Arboretum for a tree seminar and walk.  The lecture portion was just over an hour, then the walk portion took a couple more hours.  That left us with a two hours to fit in lunch and get all the way back to AT&T near the house by 4pm.  Then the phone endeavor took another hour and a half.

But there I was with a new phone.  No protection on it yet as that is still on order.  Then the newly incoming text messages started arriving.   Another co-worker leaving,  his departure was on Monday.   Then today Wednesday, two little days later and not enough time to processed the Monday departure,  another project manager has left.

To recap, in one month (from this upcoming weekend (10th)) We lost our two biggest sales rep.  We then lost the first salesman’s support staff and now THREE of the SIX project managers In my office.

The Sales support in Irvine has now been “promoted” to sales to cover that area and we still have the one project manager there who works from home.

My shift had been moved this week when the other 2nd shift person left, but I don’t yet know how its going to play out with the mid shift guy gone.  I was crazy busy earlier today, doing all of the work and answering phones and text messages from all the people asking WTF!
Journaling and exercise are supposed to be better mood lifters than sleeping away your woes.  So I guess blogging about the stresses will have to do for now.  I did make it back to boot camp this week after nearly four weeks down from an injury and the madness that was Thanksgiving week.

More blogging, more exercising and trying to find a new job, Pronto!



One Response to “steam valve”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Sorry about all the stress. I’ve been thinking about you.

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