deep tissue

I really, I mean really, need to just keep my trap shut.  What did I say 1 week (7 days) ago….

“More blogging, more exercising and trying to find a new job, Pronto!”

Well I obviously haven’t blogged, or journaled or even filled out the Christmas cards I am carrying to and from work.

I worked out exactly twice since then.  Thursday and Friday last week.  Saturday was errands and dinner with Vicky and Emily and then Sunday…..I couldn’t move.  I am fine when I’m standing, so-so when I’m sitting but transitioning from one to another is excruciatingly painful.  Monday Lori and I went for a walk and that helped me loosen up a bit but as soon as I stopped walking I was right back there.

Tuesday was ridiculous.  Lori called and made me an appointment for today for a massage and off to school for finals she went.  I managed to get on the floor to try to use my roller to stretch and roll out the hip and I could not.  The pressure was just too much, then it took me a good ten minutes to get up off the floor.  I’m sure it was a sight if anyone had been watching.

My day at work was busy so getting up and moving around didn’t happen much so I was even stiffer at the end of the day.

Today I got up and went to the spa, sat in the Jacuzzi for a good 45 minutes and felt better.  Then the deep tissue massage which hurt and hurt good all at the same time, but turning over on the table took nearly a minute.   I’m moving more tonight at work and will be scheduling another massage.  I just have no idea what or when this happened.

Oh and the job I was really hoping for was filled today and not by me.


3 Responses to “deep tissue”

  1. -br Says:

    stay hydrated, treat yourself, revel in the glory of the love of the woman who booked you a massage, try acupuncture, don’t do it all, know everything will be alright, somethings just take time – cause yeah it’s easy to give advice 😉

  2. salpal1 Says:

    Loads of bummers, but there was good in there as well. Try not to let it all get youdown. It will pass.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Oh I’m sorry about the pain. Epsom salt baths will help too. And I hate to say it–like, really really hate to say it–but part of this is just getting older and resetting expectations about what being fit means and how we get there. Sucks. There’s just no denying the length of time our cells have been replicating on this earth. But we’re so much wiser, right? So we can direct those cells to do better things, and do them better, than the young, elastic people. That’s what I’m telling myself. Oh, and you might need a good PT to help you.

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