Fa la la la la

Its Christmas right…..   It doesn’t feel like it at all.

At night when I am driving home I do see the lights in the neighborhood but except for the Christmas station in Lori’s car on sirius radio there are no indicators of “the season”.

Gone are the days of decorating the house and throwing Christmas parties.

This year we are heading out to the Calimesa house to see the family on Christmas eve,  watch football and have spaghetti.

It has been “cold” like under 50′ at night especially last week.  That felt a little holiday-ish and we have had rain!!!! twice this week.  But really when you look at the weather throughout the rest of the country, I really shouldn’t mention the “cold” weather at all for fear of losing readership.

Whatever your holiday season brings, I hope it is as low-key or high-key as you like it.


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