Christmas Weekend

We headed out to see my sister and nieces yesterday.  I had to work in the morning but luckily got the job wrapped up about 11:00, packed up the laptop and we headed out with all of my ingredients to make spaghetti, caesar salad and garlic bread.

We got out there and I started my sauce so it could cook for a few hours. We then played cards and visited and had my great-niece Coral open her Christmas present from us.  (The only present we bought this year)

After dinner we headed out to look at Christmas lights.  There is a neighborhood that has all the houses and lights connected together and matching the music on the radio.  It was cool.

Today,  we started a “Christmas” project of moving all of the rocks and barrel cactus out of the easement and putting in pavers.  Several reasons for this; moving the thorns out of the easement, putting in something that is easier to keep up because the pea gravel gets kicked everywhere from passers-by.

We got all of the large rocks and cactus moved pretty quickly.  Then we moved forward to raking up the pea gravel and moving it into the back yard and laying down the pavers.  We didn’t finish the first section before we ran out of light and energy.  We filled the unfinished portion with dirt and 2×4’s so no one would trip tonight.

Tomorrow we will be back out there and hopefully finish it up.  I am on call and don’t think I’ll get away with the phone not ringing like today.  But one can hope.


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