I am back to work today after a week of vacation.

We had a mountain of things we wanted to do while we were both home.  The list included the paver project in front of our house;  a couple matinees we wanted to see;  a dinner that Lori won and we were both off work so a cool restaurant to try;  a few appointments and lots of things around the house.

Well the paver project is 99% complete.  It took several days, one really long day to get the rest of the 150 pavers placed.  Then a trip to find broken pottery that we could smash up and make a mosaic with.  We used qickcrete to set this mosaic in place and well….it worked, but not as well or as smoothly as we had hoped.  The other side still needs the mosaic and this side will need some securing.

But the pavers are all in, it looks great and best of all functions well and there will be less gravel kicked around and a lot less weeds for us to pull!

The movie(s) didn’t happen, nor did the groovy dinner place.  But we did see Dale and went out for Thai food for his birthday and we watched the SEAHAWKS win with him!  We also got Lori’s car an oil change and various other appointments done.

The rest of the week(end) was used up with this little story…… See my car parked across the street?  I moved it there because we were working on the pavers and for the street sweeper.


See my car being towed to the shop because it would not start.  (Also notice rain clouds!!!  We have been getting rain all week, its awesome)


Enjoy this last picture you will see of my car… is no longer in the family.  (This is what you call a cliff hanger)





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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yup! Waiting to hear!

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