Waiting on my ship to come in

pearl-white….kinda sorta.

My car died.  I got it to the shop and paid for a new battery, and then paid for them to take it apart to find out why it still wouldn’t start, get it started and put it back together to tell me I needed a new engine.   A new engine for a car that only had 52K miles and as a matter of fact already had one new engine at 15K.

It was running and we had done all the research and test driving last Summer when we got Lori’s new car so we kind of already made up our minds prior to even knowing I needed a new car.

With it running, but no trust in it, we drove it to the dealership on Sunday.  We did test drive a smaller model but ended up right back to the Forester.  So if I am buying a new car and I am paying this kind of money I am getting the one I want.  Except, they didn’t have it in stock.  It was “almost” here being on a boat on its way.

So I am currently in a rental car.  I have signed paperwork for a car that is not hear yet and I hope to have it within another 10 days.

5 Responses to “Waiting on my ship to come in”

  1. Diane Kennedy Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, how exciting!! It is always fun to “bond” with a new car (I think).

  3. salpal1 Says:

    too bad you had to go the stressful route to the new car! But you will love it when it arrives, I am sure. We just got two new cars after years of dreaming. I got a Prius, my wife got a Tacoma truck. I say we are the bi-polar vehicle family, but it works for us. Whoever is going the farthest on a given day gets the Prius. That was her today, I got to drive a big truck. Quite an adjustment, but fun.

    • V_Lo Says:

      That is the perfect situation. We both used to have trucks. Now we both have Subaru’s. There are certainly times we may need a truck, but have decided, that’s what delivery is for. 🙂

      • salpal1 Says:

        We used to have 2 corollas and if we needed a truck we just rented one for the weekend. It worked fine for us but this is more fun. 😉

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