Whats not to Love


Here is my focus today.  Focusing on the GOOD things.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow I have been trying to avoid and it is here.  (Lori stop reading now and wake me up, let’s go to breakfast and stay busy – I will not be watching)

I have been trying to not get into political rants.  I haven’t been completely avoiding Facebook but pretty darn near.  Twitter on the other hand is another story.  I have been scrolling and reading and getting mad and sad and overjoyed and on a rollercoaster.  I have been tweeting and re-tweeting and calling congress people and following more senators.  But tonight when I found myself RESPONDING to a PEOTUS tweet I stopped and texted my niece, just one word.  Baby.

I then received today’s picture of my great-niece eating her moms homemade organic lunch.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm.  (just look at that fuzzy head)

2 Responses to “Whats not to Love”

  1. Diane Kennedy Says:

    I love that face! Try not to worry precious woman we’ll get through this political mess. Personally I vow to love more and to not let the hate in. Although for the life of me I don’t understand how we got where we are I still believe in the American people, I also know that although Michelle and Barack wont be in the White House any more they are still here and will do good things for America. Love you!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Yep, today is about 1) leaving the TV on Turner Classic Movies all day so as to even out the ratings because the big orange idiot wants to claim everyone is watching him, and 2) focusing on the good things I can do today and tomorrow (volunteering in the Seattle Womxn’s march). Minimal social media. Working from home and here for calls from friends who want to talk about brighter things. Love you.

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