So-Cal Commuting in the Rain


My commute today…..  I left home early so I would not be late.  There was a lot of standing water.  I just have to say I am lucky I was in the new Subaru and not in the low to the ground Mazda.  Just past this spot in the photo there were three sedan sized cars stalled out from driving through this craziness.

When I left the house, the road in front of us was so swamped I had to walk to the neighbors driveway to jump the puddle to get to my drivers side.  Two blocks away when getting onto I-5 there was a small lake to drive through.  It covered the entire width of the street, from sidewalk to sidewalk and in fact was on the sidewalk on the lowest side.

Traffic was slow.  The outer lanes there was a lot of standing water.  Then this photo here, I was actually at a complete stop as the highway patrol worked to get a car out of the middle lane.  I was sitting watching it all when I opened my phone to take a picture just as those in front of me started moving.

Two more similar spots going from I-5 to 10-West and there is a downhill section that the bottom was to flooded to drive through, we all single filed along the other shoulder to get by and voilà I got to work in about 90 minutes.

***We so need this rain, and the rain yesterday and the rain coming on Sunday; but we need a break so it can soak in***

One Response to “So-Cal Commuting in the Rain”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Woah. Glad you have the new vehicle. Reminds me of living in Phoenix during monsoon season, when my only transport was a moped. I got wet a lot.

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