Jan lists

The rain has subsided for at least the next week.  We actually got 9 inches in January, that is more rain then all of last year.  Weeds are popping up all over our yard, heck weeds are a foot tall.

So weeding is definitely on the to-do list. I have always been a list maker.  Luckily so is Lori, when we make a “weekly” list we seem to get more done.  We had set out to do a list every Sunday, taking into account classes and other items on the calendar but slacked off just a bit this last month over the break.

But with this being the last week before classes starts we put together a list of all the things to get done this week, there is a whole lot we are trying to accomplish.  Just another reason to stay off twitter in the mornings.

There is so much to do but the state of politics is all that is on my mind really.  I do find that if I don’t look at social media when I wake up I can get more done during my off work hours.  Yesterday we managed to go to breakfast and grocery shopping before I left for work, all without ever opening my email or phone.

Today I washed my car, re-organized my closet and sorted out some items for goodwill before launching twitter.  I was trying to get some things crossed off our to-do list.

We had quite a bit on the at the beginning of the month and getting the pavers laid in the easement was great but so much more we didn’t get to do to the rain.  (glorious but still a little limiting in the chore department)  So a busy week this week to finish off the January List!




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