Iron Pumping Birthday

It would be simple just to tell you that Lori got us gym memberships for my birthday, but this a blog and that would just be boring.

So I’ll start with the 24 hour membership I had previously at the one nearest us.  It is a smaller, older (read dirtier) site.  Often with machines that are down and equipment that isn’t as up to the newest standards.  I have had a membership there TWICE in the last four years that I have been here.  I dropped it the first time because I had dropped off in using it and then some troll was on the elliptical trainer next to me watching porn……let that sink in.

I re-joined again because I really do like the gym and needed my workouts.  I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, but Lori would call me that.  I dropped it again last year when I started going to bootcamp.

Well although I really like the bootcamp workouts, and for a few months they were difficult there wasn’t much variation and became much easier.  My schedule and the class schedule really only allowed me one class a day and with the warm up and cool down the “work” part was only 20 minutes, the commute to and from took me longer.  After I injured my achilles in December and then my back I had fallen off completely.

Tha is when I started looking into 24 hour fitness again.  Because of my work schedule and it’s every changing nature, 24 hour fitness has always worked for me.  I used to love in the one in downtown Seattle and for a period of time when twice a day.

Well the next two gym sites closest to the house that are not that old gross gym are a step up in type (and price), they are considered the Super Sport not just the Sport.  A lot of it is the same format however they also have towel service and they have a lot more equipment and classes.  I was debating and looking up the prices, you can pre-buy a two-year membership through Costco.

A couple of weekends ago after Tai Chi Lori and I went and took a tour.  It was a wonderful looking gym and one of the features we really liked was when there is not a class in session for instance in the spin-cycle room, you can push play on a kiosk outside the room and pick from a large number of recorded classes and go in and “take” the pre-recorded class.  Same for the other studio with Yoga, Zumba, Body Pump and lots of other options.

Lori bought us both a membership at the Super Sport and we activated them this weekend.  I have already been twice!!!  I do love the gym.  Today about 8 minutes into my cardio I felt the fog lift.  That is how I describe that endorphin I get from working out.  My mind is clearer, I can feel myself smiling, I am more efficient and just all around do better.

It is not that I don’t get exercise with all of our projects, Tai Chi classes, our walks at the nature center.  It is just that I do better and feel better when I am going to the gym.

Thanks again honey.

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