I joined a CSA last week and this morning was my first delivery.  It was actually there when I got home at 1am. and I pulled it in but didn’t open it until this morning.

The box is the standard 2-person box that I will be getting every other week, at least for now until I figure out if we can eat it all.

They emailed last week with what would be in the box and I added a cauliflower (because I have been known to make a meal just out of one) and three avocados.

Peering into the box you can see leaf lettuce, mustard greens and cilantro but that is deceiving.  This is everything from the box.


Mustard Greens, Cilantro, Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Swish Chard, 1lb of boc chow, 2 pink lady apples, 1 pound of satsumas and romanesco cauliflower.  I added the regular cauliflower and the three avocado’s.  I really should have left off the swisschard considering how much is in my garden that we are not eating.

So what to eat first.  I have never had romanesco and It is so cool looking. So this will most likely be tomorrow.


However today I grilled up the lovely asparagus I bought for the weekend that we didn’t end up making.  So this is dinner today.


4 Responses to “Vegggggiiiiieeeees”

  1. Della Says:

    That looks awesome! I wonder if they deliver out here! Is it expensive?

  2. Katherine Says:

    I have had romanesco. It was nutty and delicious. The head I bought spoiled very fast though. Not sure if it wasn’t fresh when I bought it or just that it naturally spoils fast.

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