Saturday night we had reservations for a restaurant in the West side named Opaque.  Lori was asked to sell raffle tickets last fall for the design department that she had picked up an extra class to teach.  Well without the desire or time to actually try to sell them she just wrote a check for all of them and stuck her name on them.

She won a dinner for two at this restaurant.  It is $100 per person and it has more to do with the experience than the actual food.

We sat in the V-lounge to wait for our instructions and to be taken to our table.  We both had a cocktail while we waited.  Then we were asked if we had any food allergies and we told them about Lori’s chocolate allergy.

We then were introduced to our server.  His name is Anthony and is blind.  Lori held onto his right shoulder and I held onto Lori’s right shoulder and we went through a door, a curtain, turned a corner and another.  We were guided to our seats and Anthony took Lori’s hand and guided it to the back of her chair.  Then mine and did the same.

There is no light in the room, our phones were even complete off so they wouldn’t flash if we received a call or text..  Zero light.  The door and curtain and turns are designed to limit any light at all from peaking in when the door is opened.  Every single server is completely blind or legally blind.

img_1340Anthony brought us a basket of hot bread and water.  There was also a little pot of butter, I know this because my finger stuck right into the butter.  The first course was amuse bouche, they were on little spoons and I could taste a sweet chili sauce and whatever it was (veggie spring roll) we decided was wrapped in lettuce.

Then the appetizers arrived. Lori’s was easy to identify, a ceviche on wonton chips.  Mine I think was deep-fried squash blossoms, maybe.  Anthony did tell me that I would need a fork.  I tried a couple of ways but ended up just picking them up with my hands.

We were having a good time, laughing at ourselves, listening to other people going through the same things.  The experience is to focus on all of your other senses because sight is no longer an option.  Neither was ordering, except for what we couldn’t have the idea that everything is a surprise was part of the experience.

Another small bite arrived.  Anthony said it would be spicy be I didn’t find it spicy at all.  It was cold and like a sorbet.  Just  small pallet cleanser before the entrée’s arrived.

img_1340Mine was fish, pretty sure salmon, but couldn’t be 100% sure.  There was also some cauliflower, asparagus and maybe a quinoa salad.  Lori had beans, chicken or so she thought but Anthony said they didn’t have any chicken yesterday and asparagus also.

I can’t tell you how much of it I used my hands for.  I could get the fork to mouth pretty well but the for didn’t always have food on it.  Things like quinoa just fell through the tines.  I found myself pushing food onto the fork with the finger on my left hand to get it.

We are pretty sure we ate it all. At least most of it.  At only point Lori thought she was done and went to put her fork down and found a mound of food.

When dessert came, we were told not to share.  That is because I had a hot molten chocolate brownie/cake thingy, covered in caramel sauce and a chocolate moose maybe.  Lori had a panna cotta with fresh fruit.

When we were all done Anthony walked us back out the way we came in.  He walked out into the dim bar that seems bright!  There we sat in the same seats from before to settle the tabs and get our bearings.  I actually staggered when we came into the light because my equilibrium was off.

It was quite an experience.  The food was good, not 5-star or anything.  It was certainly interesting to eat dinner the way I know people in my live like Vivian or Ron spend every day.

I did have to wash my sweater today.  I was in my lap with my napkin because I figured I would lose it if I tried to put in on my chair or something and it ended up with food and caramel sauce on it.  I also had no idea on how to log that meal!


2 Responses to “Opaque”

  1. Katherine Says:

    How fascinating and fun. Although it’s just mean to serve quinoa under those circumstances. I never met a more unruly grain.

  2. Diane Kennedy Says:

    Very cool! Ron is intrigued wish there was one here 🙂

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