Palm Springs for a day

Lori and I headed out to Palm Springs last Saturday morning.  Our friends bought a house out there last fall and we had yet to go visit.

It was a 90+ degree day in the shade.  We took a tour of their mid-century modern house.  Perused the back yard they have been working on.  Had a nice lunch and then they drove us around showing us houses they liked, houses they almost bought, houses they wanted their friends to buy and move into.  Lots of houses.

They were clearly enthralled with their surroundings and had historical facts and trivia to add to every twist and turn or our tour.  It was kind of funny, they so wanted to show us these houses, and clearly they have been by and seen them all before.  So they went kind of fast, leaving little time to actually look at them before we were off to the next cool mid-century home.

Lori knowing so much more about architecture and architects held up the conversation.  I sat there laughing at it all and wondering what kind of houses do I like.  (not mid-century modern by the way)

Either way, the only pictures I took were of their work in progress back yard as we sat around the pool visiting after our tour.  They moved most of their tiki’s from the old house to this new one.  Luckily their daughter is living in the old house so they can go by and get more whenever they are in orange county.  They really do fit this house, its like they have been collecting furnishings for this house all their lives and finally found it.  The perfect home for all of their Polynesian stylings.

We did swing in to see the family and have a little baby time on our way home, visiting for maybe an hour, getting home just before midnight.


It was a good (albeit exhausting) day!

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