A random April day

The loss of project managers at work last fall has made for a very busy ‘peak’ season.  One of the project managers that was in for the season to help, left at the end of March.  It has made for an even busier couple weeks of which I am off work an hour to 90 minutes later every night.

I am finding it difficult to get all the things done I wish to during the day.  Mostly because my eight hours of sleep seems to be between 1am and 9am only leaving me three hours of day.  I didn’t make it to the gym today, instead I ran a few errands and pulled the fall garden.  There were three brussel sprout plants that had come to the end of their season and were taller than me.  The last of the sprouts small and shriveling up.  The plants filled the bin.

It was a beautiful day and I was planning on putting in some spinach seeds today, but with 90 degrees in the next couple days I thought I should wait until it was back in the mid 70’s next week so I don’t have to water the seeds every day.

There was time to roast some carrots that needed to be cooked up and make a salad to take for dinner before jumping in the shower for another long day at the office.  Now as it nears midnight and I type this lame excuse for a blog entry….only with the hopes that things will ease up lately and the blogs will become more plentiful soon.


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