Wishes and Dreaming

When we were young, by we I guess I mean the end of the babyboomers and Gen X-ers (Anyone born before the early 70’s). Life was just a little simpler.  Not in the we walked 5 miles to school in the snow ect ect from the generation before us but simpler than our lives are now.

I mindlessly spin the stem on my apple and say the alphabet with each turn until it breaks.   Today was “L”  As kids we did this and whatever letter you landed on would be the letter of your future love.  This was great if you had a crush on someone with any letter in the beginning of the alphabet.  A-D was pretty typical.  Since I was a V I always figured no one evvvvvver got to me.  Sometimes if you wanted to get past D  you would spin delicately and try to extend the count.  If you were trying to get an A or B you pretty much had to rip the stem off to make it happen “naturally”.

I still do this with nearly every apple I eat. No longer wishing for a good name to associate with the letter.  But old habits die hard.

One practice from those days was to cross your fingers-place them on the ceiling in the car-hold your breath-and make a wish whenever you crossed railroad tracks. We would drive in and out of the city on a regular basis when I was young and I always, always made the same wish.  (Don’t let him get me (today, this weekend, next time)).  I gave up this practice of crossing your fingers and placing them on the ceiling of the car probably about the time I started driving and needed to have them on the steering wheel.  However whenever I pass over as the passenger I always still hold my breath.


One Response to “Wishes and Dreaming”

  1. LINDA Middlebrooks Says:

    So we held our breath while going through tunnels. Either that or in the summer we would try to stick a foot out while going through tunnels. I still count stairs when climbing them. Do people do that? (or count the squiggly things I make while making a pie crust and doing the edge? Fun thoughts of years gone by. (I was just picturing in my mind the tunnel we went through from Wenatchee to Chelan and holding my breath.)

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