Summer Heat + Weekend Projects

It was nearly 100 degrees last Saturday.  So of course we had scheduled weeks in advance to tear down the last two sheds and a load of debris to the dump.

We headed out to Calimesa about 9:00 a.m.  There was Coachella traffic to deal with but we got out there just after 11:00 which was when I was scheduled to pick up the U-Haul.

Damn it was hot.  Didn’t really feel it until we were out in the sun tearing down metal sheds.  You would think they would be easier to take apart but they were not.

Dale (my brother), Della (my sister), Lori and I worked for several hours to take them apart and load them into the truck.  We loaded the rest of the stuff on top and Dale and I headed to the dump.  The garbage came out first then we headed to the metal pile and emptied the other two-thirds of the truck.   Headed back, got it swept out and returned by 4:30.

But oh what a hot day.  Each of us had to take breaks and go inside and cool off.  By my general feeling on Sunday and energy level I am pretty sure I had a mild case of heat stoke.

We all went out to dinner at a really cool pizza place after.  My only photo from all of that on Saturday was this sign at a nearby bar after we were leaving the pizza place.  With the current state of the world U.S. …..I just may make it screen saver.


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