support of the trump supporters

There are quite a few opinions out there that I do not agree with.  People I know, work with, and several hundred thousand internet commenters.

Thing is, they have every right to their opinions, as I do mine, even if we do not agree.

If my basic belief that every human on the planet is equal.  Then those with beliefs I can not wrap my head around I must allow them the space to have them.

See you are not better than me because you are a male.  I am not better than you because I am a femaleEducated people are just as equal as uneducated people.  Because you wear a headscarf does not make you any less of a person than the person who wears skirts and sandals or visa versa.   If I drive a gas guzzler and you a hybrid that does not in fact make you a better person or a person who cares more for the environment.  Maybe it just means you like your car and I like mine.

Your perfect teeth do not make you a better person than the homeless person without any.  In fact your beautiful house or humble abode doesn’t make you a better person than that same homeless person.

The color or lack of color in your flesh doesn’t make your blood any different below that skin.  The size of the body in that skin as well.  You are not a better because you are model tall and beautiful or a proud plus size person.

Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, the people behind these beliefs are all equal, there are many different beliefs but each person has the right to believe what they believe.

Just because I have tattoos or you have face piercings does not make us less than any unmarked person.  If you are healthy doesn’t make you better than the person suffering from illness or depression.  The pleasant person is no better than the mean spirited one.

I choose to live my life, have my beliefs, write the letters I need to write, the faxes I need to make.  And with the right to do that, I support those who disagree.

I am just sick of all the name calling, for and against.  Sick of it.


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