Good weekend, lots of Sun

Saturday we went to Vickie and Emily’s to help with some renewal.  We moved furniture, rearranged and helped decorate as they claim the space as their own.  Then Lori put in a drip irrigation system in the back yard, into the same garden we put in last August.  We need to go back and add some more drippers but that should be pretty quick.  After all that we all went out to dinner, such a great day!!

Sunday we did some “non-chore” focused things.  There was the Spring Art Walk at The Brewery.  We got there Late morning and walked through lots of artist studio’s.  I got to see Lori’s old studio and we saw lots (lots) of art.  After a few hours of this it was getting more crowded, the heat was rising and the ability to “absorb” any more art was gone.

We went to little Tokyo and had lunch at a favorite spot of Lori’s.  We arrived back home around 4 in the afternoon and I managed to not do another darn thing all weekend.  No cleaning, No laundry, No cooking.  Just some mindless food network until bed.

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