Last weekend of peak

Lets see if I can conjure up a blog out of thin air.  The curser is just blinking and I have nothing………

Peak is finally over, the first quarter SEC filing is up on Monday.  I am on call this weekend so there will be some activity but the moratorium on taking time off is now up and I am taking a couple days later in the month.  Sandwiching the three day weekend and the great niece turning one into a long weekend.

Other than work, there has just been so little else to talk about.  The news is all consuming and although I turn my car radio from the news I seem to turn it back to listen to the coverage of current events which seems be a blow by blow or twitter by twitter of the disaster of our current administration.

As an escape I have been streaming Big Love late at night at work.  Too much news in the evening was making it hard to sleep.  Big Love was recommended to me by Katherine and although I have finished all the seasons somehow days later I am still thinking about the characters.  It was described well, as a train wreck.  You just can’t stop looking at it even though these people make some truly wrong choices and must, MUST, discuss their issues in the most in-opportune moments.  Like the latest drama can not wait and has to be addressed in the middle of work or the store or wherever.

Before that I was streaming Downton Abbey.  All on my little 4×6 inch iPad.   But we have two people moving into project management positions from the typesetting side, they are currently in training.  So my alone shift that has been going on for months is about over.  So I won’t need to stream anything to keep me company at work late in the evening.  Bugger is that now work is also about to get slower.

Perhaps I can start getting off on time and therefore getting to sleep earlier so I can get up earlier and actually do more than fit a couple gym days into the week.  It has been so sporadic.

Spring is half over, time to grab on and get to enjoying it.





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