Just the spa at the mall

Today started off with an 80 minute massage.  Well technically it started off with oatmeal and blueberries.  However we then drove to the spa for our on going Christmas present.  Buying these massages for the year was the best things we could have done.

At least once a month, if only once a month, we have to slow down enough to get a massage.

Once I was done today, took a hot shower and got ready for work I took a couple of pictures.  Not great angles and a lot missing but I didn’t want to get anyone in the shots.


The cucumbers are in a quite room where you wait to be called for your appointment.  Be it a massage, facial or pedicure.  In there are chairs, love seats, magazines, a gurgling fountain, tea and water along with these sliced, iced cucumbers.  Today I didn’t, but usually I sit in quiet with slices on my eyes waiting to be called.

Inside the ladies locker room are the Jacuzzi, steam room, eight (I think) showers and the quite room.   Outside in the co-ed part if you will, there is more seating and places to eat lunch if you order in.

We didn’t order in, we went to lunch after and then went our separate ways to work.  It is not a bad way to start the day.  It does feel a little rushed, so from now on I’m just going to tell work I won’t be in until thirty minutes later.  Why not right, everyone else takes time for personal appointments and this one is important!!!



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