Hot day at the Huntington

Saturday morning we were up early and out the door to get into Pasadena by 8:15 or so.  The cactus and succulent class field trip was here again, I didn’t have to go but it sure is a lovely walk.

I didn’t even bring my camera as I have several years of photos from this trip.  I did grab a few shots on my phone but was glad to not be carrying it.  We were done and out of there around 11 but it was already over 90 degrees and I was glad I just wore shorts and a tank top.

Sunday was just as hot, but not nearly as pretty.  Lori worked on class while I did things like food prep, laundry, grocery shopping and trying to stay cool.  We (I) turned on the window air conditioner for the first time this year.  A few more days in the ninety’s and we will be back into the upper 70’s!


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