Memorial Day Nap

Yesterday included a glorious nap on the couch.  From approximately 4:30 to just after 6:00, a nap was a must to make up for little sleep over the weekend.

Thursday night I got off late and didn’t get home until about 1:00 in the morning.  That made Friday morning come super early as there was a lot to get done on Monday.  Shopping, grading and posting final grades, wrapping presents for Corals first birthday party, clean the house for company, pick up my step-sister Kayleen from the airport and entertain.

There was only so much time, so a quick straighten and a vacuum was all the house really got.  Being the end of the school year and Lori taking her own class this semester her office had stacks of books and graded finals and class journals in it.  She was working away and worried about getting her things cleared out of her room for my guest.  Instead I told her Kayleen could just sleep on the couch.

We weren’t really going to be at our place much of the weekend anyway.  We took her to dinner after we picked her up at the airport and visited there for a couple of hours.  Then home and sat talking and catching up for a couple hours and went to bed.

Saturday when we got up and ready to go Kayleen and I left for Calimesa, Lori stayed home to finish up school work.  My sister and nieces had no idea I had brought Kayleen down for the party.  I video’s everyone’s reaction when we got there.  Crying and hand waving along with lots of hugs.  It was a great surprise.

Saturday while everyone got busy visiting and catching up, I baked cupcakes and a baby smash cake for Sunday.  Food had to be picked up, balloons were also due to picked up at 6:00, once we got all the errands done we all went out to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  Then when we were back for the night my brother drove out.  We finally headed to bed about 2:30 after more visiting.

Sunday was the actual birthday party.  Sunday was a fun but completely exhausting day.  I got up about 7:30 and started frosting the smash cake.  Lori showed up soon after and everyone else was up and the decorating began.  We put together the tent outside, blew up the pool we were using as the ball pit, put together the big table and hung streamers and balloons and finished setting everything out, everyone showering and ready for the first guest who got there at 12:30.

Then the party, visiting, cake, presents, more visiting and everyone was gone.  We left there late and headed back to LA in three cars.  Dale in his, Lori in hers and Kayleen and I in mine.  But real food was needed so we all stopped and had dinner and then got home around 11 pm.  With only 5 hours of sleep the night before we pretty much went straight to bed.

Monday Kayleen’s flight was at 10:59; so we were up and out of the house by 9:00.  Got her all checked in, grabbed some breakfast and headed to Irvine to help Vicki and Emily put together some new chairs.   By the time we got home we both just wanted to relax and watch TV.  That and the sun shinning in made for the perfect nap atmosphere.

What I know from this weekend is a year goes by crazy fast as Coral is already a year old and I miss naps!  I need more naps like yesterday.


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