Quaid Spotting

Saturday we met friends in Hollywood for breakfast.  They were down from San Jose for pride.  Since I was on call we couldn’t really commit to much except breakfast with them.

We left the house early because, well its Hollywood and parking sucks.  We were meeting them at Mels Diner at 10 and we got there about 9:30.  There was a valet so parking was a non issue.  Score.

We went in and sat down and I realized the person directly across from me was Dennis Quaid.  It was clearly his weekend with the kids as they sat and had breakfast and talked.  Lori and I had coffee/tea while we waited but just before the girls got there Dennis Quaid and his kids departed.

I did not stare.
I did not say anything or acknowledge him.
I did move further into the booth so that he was not in direct line of sight.
I did check google images on my phone to confirm my sighting!

Being that I work on the West side and right down the street from a studio I have had only a few sightings of actors since moving to LA.  Most are at restaurants in or around Hollywood.

Oh and the food was great as well.  I had Eggs Verdi.  Which is arugula with asparagus and a lemon dressing toppled with two poached eggs.  Lori had Avocado Toast, which sounds just like what it was, 9 grain bread covered in avocado and two poached eggs.

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