Tomato, tomato

That title doesn’t translate well when you are going for pronunciation.

TomAto, Tomauto.   Anyway……..

This morning is a blur, I got home super late, not leaving work until 12:30 and then hitting crazy road crew traffic.  I then had to be up and out of the house to go for a massage.  So even tired, you know I made that appointment.

Really the only thing I did before leaving was make Lori some cream of wheat and then take the watering can that catches the kitchen sink drip out to put on my tomato plant.

Most of the garden is now pulled,  I have this one lonely roma tomato plant and my herbs.  There are a ton of green tomatoes.  I am sure they will all start to ripen at the same time and will be fantastic for pico or sauce.

I chose a roma this year.  I usually do cherry tomatoes because they are so easy to just eat right off the bush.  Romas are my favorite and I think for more than just cooking.

I had been pinching the suckers for a while and was getting a nice shaped plant but it has not officially gotten out of control.

I wonder how fried green romas would be?




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