Tweeting with privilege

The way the country is behaving right now I wish I was not white.  Yes, I can only say that with complete white privilege.  If I had to live in the United States as a citizen with more melanin in my flesh I wouldn’t even be typing that.  Right now I am just so very offended by so much mudslinging and name calling I don’t want to be associated with the people doing it, even by skin (lack of) color.

White guilt is certainly what I am feeling this week. Guilt that I without a college degree I am employed with a good salary.  Guilt that even though living in this country as a gay woman I have been able to tolerate the instances and small levels of discrimination pretty easily.  It has been pointed out to me several times I “can pass,”  as in I can pass as a straight woman and therefore not have strangers discriminate against me just by my looks.  (well “gay” looks anyway, we won’t even get into the “fat” looks or discrimination)

Last election cycle I was called a name. I am sure because of the area of LA I was in and that I can also “pass” as Latina.  This person didn’t know me or know that I have a Hispanic sir name but that didn’t stop them from calling me this name.  Granted, with my white privilege I just walked straight on past and didn’t give it any energy.  This may not have been the case if I identified with the race this person was disparaging.

I have been very put off this week by the sayings “elite” and “snowflake” Both directed at what I assume are liberal thinking/leaning individuals.  At first I looked up the word elite and thought how is this an insult.

Noun: the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as a group or class of persons.; persons of the highest class

Adjective: representing the most choice or select; best

Well the descriptions really are about snow, but the implication sounds as if someone who is special or unique with the assumption that no two snowflakes are alike.

How does being special, unique or the best of something translate to an insult.

I continue to make calls, faxes and TWEET my concerns. I have found that I have to focus on one cause at a time because, well because I have a full time job and a home and a wife and family and friends and although the “issue” at the moment is extremely important I only have so much energy.

Today Lori was out early for a meeting and then class.  I should have used the day to start some chores or work in the yard or do something before work.  Zero drive had me in bed until 9:00 a.m. and sitting in the back yard reading until nearly time to get ready for work.

I am exhausted.  Emotionally and physically exhausted.  But we all know I have plenty of white privilege that I both enjoy and try to make amends for at the same time.  In a meeting with our financial investor this week, he could only attribute the 9% growth this year to the easing of corporate regulations is the perfect example.  Yea growth, Boo less regulations which is spurring the growth.

#saveourhealthcare  #healthcareforall  #saveACA #donotrepeal #ObamacareandACAarethesame

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