Sunday we dashed off for an opening.  It started at 1:00 and I had to be back home for work a 3:00.  We were able to see the work, talk to the artist, talk to a couple friends and leave there to get home just at 3:00.

The artist Bradford Salamon, the show was at his home studio.  I did not take any photos of his work because that just felt inappropriate to me.  I did however grab a couple of his work space as drawing inspiration.  He paints in several mediums and does lots of utilitarian items like fans, pruners, dress form, along with portraits.

He has a show starting in July and hopefully we can make that.  It will be at a gallery in Santa Monica and will have much more of his stuff and a more formal setting.  I am glad this was at his studio however.  It made me want to draw, paint, be creative in general.  Great energy.

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