Vacation Prep and Company

Last weekend we packed, yes physically packed for the trip we leaving on this coming Sunday.  It is different flying with everything you will NEED for two weeks but not everything you WANT for two weeks.

Again this year we stuck to the Rick Steves packing guide, with some variations.  Last year we didn’t bother with the “water-resistant windbreaker with a hood”  We regretted this decision and ended up soaked while in Switzerland.  Lori picked us up a couple that stuff into small bags and do not take up much room.  We didn’t use the clothes line or sink stopper last year but since they were still in my bag and very small we are bringing them again.

There are substitutions.  Lori for instance is not brining a dress.  Those of you who know her are not surprised I’m sure.  I on the other hand am bringing two skirts instead of one dress and one shorts.  It was hardest to pair down to five shirts that go with the various bottoms and skirts but we did it.   There are some things on the list we did not pack, but we did discuss every one of them.  Last year we both packed water bottles but ended up just lugging them around and not using them so this year we are not bringing them.

The early packing was for several reasons, the main being in case anything needed to be picked up we had all week to do it.  Our bags are packed and sitting waiting for Sundays departure.

This has left us plenty of time for our crazy work week and company visiting.  My friend Vivian flew in on Tuesday morning.  I drove to LAX to get her and her luggage, drove her back to the house, changed clothes and headed off to work driving back to the West side.  Lori left for class soon after and we left Viv at the house alone.  With crazy busy schedules and Lori using every inch of her office for class prep, Vivian is sleeping on the couch.  Lori was going to try and clear it so we could put up an air mattress but it is a lot to ask as she is actively working. Viv doesn’t care and is currently sleeping in the living room.

Tonight or rather this morning, I got home late as third shift was late coming in (again, its nearly a daily thing).  Lori is asleep, Viv is sleeping in the living room and I am wide awake so writing this rambling blog while searching to figure out if the smoke i smell is the Burbank fire or a different fire is the result.

The rest of the week is busy, Saturday we have a day planned with the family and we leave on Sunday for a sketching tour to London and Bathe.



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