London we have arrived

That was a long flight, we left LA about 4pm as it was a tad bit delayed, we landed in London just after 10:00 am.  Even with sleep aids we got zero to very little sleep. Some dozing but not enough to add up to anything substantial.

Through customs took about an hour, not the actual desk time but the line to get to the desk.  Then off we went to find a restroom and the tube.  We both have been to London before, many years before but the wonderful public transportation we managed to get to the tube and on the correct train that dropped us off literally across the street from our hotel.

The funny part was this is the same stop I stayed at in 2000 when here for work and the same stop Lori stayed in 1995 while attending the Royal College of art.  So once we were checked in the option was nap or go walk around.  We didn’t meet up with the group until 6:30 so we had several hours. 

We opted for a travel weary walk and within a block I was pointing out to Lori where I had stayed and the restaurants in the are I had eaten.  We then walked around trying to find where she stayed and that was much harder, she thinks she found it later in the day actually when we were walking home from dinner.  When we were leaving for our walk we ran into Marissa in the lobby, we met her on the trip last year and I was overcome with glee and hugged the poor soul who was probably not expecting it.

We came back a couple hours later and took a couple hour nap before showering and heading down to meet the group.  Most of them were already in the lounge drinking and visiting.  We all walked to a lovely Thai place for dinner.  There were thirteen of us and this was a small place.  But we had a reservation and they walked us through the restaurant and down a winding staircase to a room all set up for us.  The food was fabulous and plentiful!  We got to meet knew people on the tour and get our marching orders for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a hop on hop off tour and the sketchbook workshop is in Trafalgar Square.  But today is done!  Goodnight.

One Response to “London we have arrived”

  1. LINDA Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh I love reading this!!!! Good job, keep the news coming! (I loved visiting in London as well)

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