Trafalgar Square

Today was fun, tiring, beautiful and frustrating.

We started out on the hop on hop off bus tour.  Although you see a lot and get a lot of information, you are going in circles so getting a lay of the land is difficult.  It also just feels like you are in traffic for a long time.

We did get to Trafalgar Square and it wasn’t as open as it usually is.  There were barricades for what looked like an open air opera show tonight,  That limited the areas we could gather and to draw.  I did finally start to sketch but painting was beyond me there.  I am just not experienced enough to not have optimal circumstances.  Trying to pour water into something I could use and balance the sketchbook and palet was just too much for me.  I ended up just sketching and taking photos that I could refer back to for painting later.

Once we split from the group, we hopped back on the bus tour but got off and had lunch and took the tube back to our hotel.  Once we gathered ourselves up we headed out to find a place to sketch.  Found a coffee shop up the street, got coffee and tea ordered and started sketching, for a little while anyway before they closed at 9:00 pm.

Tomorrow includes a river tour and hopefully now that the sketchbook is started it will be easier to get more done tomorrow.

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