86 degrees, 1,000’s of people, Natural History Museum

Today’s plans were changed because of the weather forecast. There were thunder storms predicted.  It was already hot and muggy so the thunder storms would just be extra fun.

Instead of our plans for the day we walked over to the Natural History Museum.  We never did have any thunder storms and it got up to the mid 80’s today.  It got pretty hot in there with the many many people, the heat and the minimal air conditioning.

In comparing this trip to last years it feels more like a sight seeing trip that includes sketching as opposed to a sketching trip that includes site seeing.  Today was actually the most sketching forward day we have had.

Because it was so hot and crowded I tended to look around and then choose a couple birds to sketch and then met up with others and painted them from a phone photo.  

We spent most of the day there before walking back to the hotel and then taking a little side trip to walk a couple miles to an art supply store since everyone in the group has the same disease. “CantHaveEnoughArtSupplies”. Since we would have to pack anything around and home I opted for just a new cool brush pen.  


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