Touring on no sleep

Another night with little sleep.  It didn’t help that our room is stiffling hot.  The AC up to high barley spits out any cool air.  We have now asked for a fan and although it is now cooler here it is near midnight and I am again wide awake.  But little sleep did not detour me from being a full blown tourist.

Today we(*) took the tube and a taxi to the Bermondsey Antique Market.  It is a well known local market.  Not a big tourist spot and it was fun to talk to some of the locals.  After that we took a bus and a tube to the Camden flee market, Marisa, Susan and I stopped for lunch and then went shopping and to wonder around the market.  I turned around and had lost them so I investigated myself before catching the tube back to the hotel.

As I was walking in so were Sherry, Martha, Diane and her husband Martin were also just getting back.  They were heading to the V&A Museum.  I went up to the room, checked on Lori, dropped my stuff off and joined the others to a walk to the museum.  We wondered around a bit, they certainly had a goal which was to photograph the history of fashion for a project one of them is working on.

Since all museums are free here in London, it didn’t matter that we were only there for an hour before walking back to the hotel.  The whole group was meeting for the sketching part of the day at 5:00 pm instead of the morning since no one really wanted to carry their gear all over the markets today.  I went up to get my sketching stuff and Lori and we met everyone in the bar of the hotel.  A couple drinks later and once we were done with the sketching people portion of the day eight of us walked to the corner for dinner.

Tomorrow is the last day in London.  We are heading out to Westminster Abby to talk about sketching architecture.  Once we are done there Lori and I are heading to the Museum of Garden History.  This will be a work trip for pictures and information for her upcoming class.  From there we hope to get to Kew Garden AND to a laundromat.  We head out to Bath on Sunday morning.

*This morning “we” did not include Lori.  She did not go as the blisters on her feet form the Bushy Park walk had popped and she figured one day down would be better than overdoing it and being down for the Bath portion of the trip. 

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