Kew and laundry

Adventures galore, the day started with me going to three nearby pharmacys until I found a cane for Lori.

Then the first adventure of the morning started with a tube ride to West Minster Abby with our entire group. The activity was to sketch the Abby and some people were going in to see it after sketching.

We gathered in the grass and most sketched.  I was having trouble with not only all of the detail, but all of the angles and basically being below the subject.  Lori and I were not going into the Abby and I gave up (frustration and lack of sleep left me with little patience for sketching) so as soon as she was at a good spot with her sketches we left for the Museum of Garden History.  

It was a short walk away, shorter than we actually thought.  We started off in the cafe having coffee and tea and Lori gave me a lesson on one and two point prospective for drawing.  We then walked around the whole museum (it was small) and took some pictures for her to draw on for the upcoming Landscape History class.

We then walked to the tube and took it to Kew Garden.  We had a lovely tour around the garden, going into the Palm house, the walkway in the trees and completely wore out her poor little feet.  We stayed there for several hours and chose not to go back for the evening sketching meet up.  I didn’t have anything to show and was simply having much more fun at Kew.

We finally walked back to the tube and got back to the room.  That was it for Lori’s poor feet.  Even though she had blister skin pads and mole skin she now has blisters UNDER her blisters.  


We packed light and expected to wear every shirt twice.  However we have sweated so much, everything we brought needed to be washed.  I packed up the laundry and walked to the laundry mat.  Everything I brought except what I had on and nearly everything Lori brought fit into one bag.

We had been stacking up our change and I took it all with me to do laundry.  However, the machines in the place would not take the new pound coins, it only took the old ones.  I had three old ones in my stack, each of my small loads would take five pounds to wash.  I asked the woman at the desk and she did not have any to trade me.

I then went next door to ask the shop keeper there and he was able to buy one of my two pound coins and one of the one pound coins.  Back to the laundry mat I went and started the jeans and dark clothes.  I put the rest of my pound coins and found (not by the unhelpful attendant) that the machine also took 20pence coins.  So I loaded up what I had in the light load and was 1.40 short for getting it started and this left zero for drying because those machines also took only old pounds or 20p coins.

So as every piece of our laundry, everything we had in London was in a running machine and one waiting for more coins I walked about a block to the grocery store and prayed I could find somewhere to get change.  The Customer Service desk was right inside the door and a dear woman, Sharon,  looked at me when I walked up and said “do you need change” ?  Must be a common request.

I explained my plight, she dumped out the 1pound coins and had none that were the old coins.  So I traded a 5pound note for 25- 20p coins.  I then scooted back to the laundry mat.  I loaded six of the coins into the lights and got those washing.  Soon my darks were done because they started so much earlier and I loaded them in the dryer.  20p gets you two minutes in the dryer and I had 3.60 left in 20p coins left for the two loads.  The majority went in with the jeans and when the lights were done the rest went in there.

Everything was clean and nearly dry when I brought it back to spread around the room to dry so we get to pack clean clothes in the morning before checking out and heading to bath.

Another 22K miles on my Fitbit today and my feet hurt, can’t really complain about them however after seeing Lori’s poor feet.


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