Travel Day and walking tour

Let’s just start with my feet, legs and buttocks hurt.  

The group headed out from the hotel to Paddington station for the train to Bath at 10:30 this morning.  The train was leaving at 11:51 to Bath.   Because of someone trying to open the doors after they had closed at one of the stops we ended up delayed at every station after as we had to wait for openings as we lost our “spot” in the line up.  

Lori and I had consolidated as much of our bags into the one on my back so Lori wouldn’t have to put any extra weight on her  feet.  We got both the contents of her carry on and the bag itself along with my day pack inside my big pack.  We only had my camera case and her roller bag.  Since all of these stations have stairs and very few lifts I would just carry the roller bag and camera up or down and then give it back to Lori to pull.  With teamwork we made it on and off the train, into the taxi and to our hotel.

We got checked in right about 2:30 and had to be at the walking tour at 3:30.  Lori did not go on this, instead she stayed in our lovely new hotel and napped.  After the walk into town and the 90 minute tour I know several comments were made that Lori had the right idea.

The tour guide was great.  So much information and time periods and dates and stories to make it all interesting.  After walking around Bath for about 90 minutes the group split up.  I know Char and Dave went to meet up with the sister/brother in-laws and the rest of the group dispersed for drinks and dinner.  I wondered around alone for a bit before trekking my tired feet back up the hotel to hang with Lori, bringing noodles with me for dinner.

Tomorrow we all are meeting after breakfast to walk back into town for our sketching class.  Then I think we tour the Roman Baths.  There is so much to sketch and not nearly as big an overwhelming as London’s sights.  I do think everyone in the group wants to sketch these umbrellas. 

3 Responses to “Travel Day and walking tour”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Love these postings from the field. For Lori’s blisters, find a Boots and see if they have Bandaid Blister Block or something like it. It’s a roll-on thing. I’ve also read that you should use deoderant on your feet to prevent sweating, which cause friction.

    • V_Lo Says:

      We have hit up every boots we have gone by and purchased the blister blocks and moleskin. There are no new blisters, now just missing flesh and trying not to get infected. 🙂

  2. LINDA Middlebrooks Says:

    The pictures are WONDERFUL. I view them with such great pleasure! I love the umbrella idea. There was nothing like that when I visited Bath.

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