Vacation Wrap Up

The last day in Bath it rained.  Not bad for a European vacation, one day of rain – the last day.  We got use out of the little rain/wind breakers we brought with us and gathered with some of the group at cafe for lunch and some of the group sketched.  

I did not, I did carry all of my gear down there but with the rain and lack of table space I just enjoyed the company, the conversation and the people watching.

We had a farewell dinner in the evening.  Half of our group had taken a bus to Stonehenge during the day and I guess they really got poured on.  When we met up for dinner they were all a bit damp.  As it turns out one woman was feeling ill and had to leave….  but there is more to that story so let me back up.

The day before when Lori and I were sketching, we were going to try and meet up with others for lunch or dinner but we couldn’t seem to find the group and with little to no signal didn’t even bother with texting.  We ended up on our own and splitting a sandwich in our room.  The best “fate” we could have had in hindsight.

Six of the group had met up and went to a pub called the Raven.  This was a spot that the tour guide said was one not to miss.  Well drinking and eating and sketching ensued and the next morning our dear friend Marissa was not feeling well and thought maybe she had been over-served.  She did say she didn’t think she had that much to drink but was both headachy and stomach was not agreeing with her.  

By the end of that day when we were meeting up for the farewell dinner it was Susan who was not able to even look at the food and though maybe she had gotten food poisoning that day at lunch.  But all the pieces came into place the next morning when we were all leaving, Susan had flown off early in the day still sick, Imodium on board.  We came up for breakfast before checking out and found that Dave and Char were both down! Seriously down and possibly extending the stay at the B&B because they did not think they could travel being that sick.

We departed not even getting to say goodbye to Char (she put on this trip), not knowing if the others who were at the Raven that night were also sick.  It was a full day of travel.  We took a taxi to the train, the train to the bus, the bus to the airport for the long plane ride and my brother picked us up in his car.  Twenty-One hours from door to door.  I tried not to sleep on the plane but did nod off a couple of times.  That did make it easier to fall asleep last night although we were both awake before 5:00 with major headaches from not enough water yesterday. 

I have a few days off before going back to work.  Company is still at the house for a couple days.  Today I am looking forward to unpacking, laundry, washing my car that has been under the tree for two weeks and lunch, errands and possibly lunch or dinner with my brother and our friend Viv who is still here. 

3 Responses to “Vacation Wrap Up”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Glad you avoided the bug and are home safe!

  2. LINDA Middlebrooks Says:

    Wow, maybe The Raven wasn’t the best place to eat? Perhaps all of that (rain, sore feet, stomach problems, and not sketching as much as you would have liked) makes coming home okay? Nice that you have a few more days before going back to work!

  3. salpal1 Says:

    SO glad you avoided the bug, but hope everyone else is OK. So did you enjoy the trip? Did Lori? Hope to see some more of those sketches!

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