Political Pudding

I am exhausted by the news cycle.  Having been out of the fray for two weeks, even though every taxi driver asked “do we talk about Trump”, I am finding it more and more difficult to follow along.

I realize I have only been back just over a week.  However so much seems to happen, more and more disturbing, every single day.  But it is all so polarizing.  Each person is ABSOLUTELY right in their opinion or angle on the events of that day and it is impossible since those views do not actually match.

I can’t actually watch any of it without becoming frustrated.  I find I’m spending less and less time on twitter simply because of the heaping helpings of politics and opinions.

Most of what I read is my subscription to the Washington Post and the Economist.

Writing which is normally my outlet seems trite.  Really who cares that we cleaned out the garage or about what I did over the weekend when we are sliding quickly into a mucky existence and it is more and more apparent with random exchanges with strangers.  People are angry and lashing out, calling names, flipping people off, there seems to be no desire or need for civility.

2 Responses to “Political Pudding”

  1. LINDA Middlebrooks Says:

    Oh how I agree! At my age, I just kind of want to not listen (or care) any more! THAT IS A PROBLEM if we all feel that way! I am just hoping that some younger people keep up with all this mess and some way AFTER TRUMP is gone, we can get back to being more civil and better thought of in the WORLD. I just hope that it will not be too late and that young, young people can recover any BAD habits they may have gotten by watching tRump and his 8k*)*) family!

  2. salpal1 Says:

    All the more reason to care about the garage and the yard and blogging about the things that are good in your life. And for heaven’s sake, don’t look at Twitter! 🙂 Seems the hymns were prophetic, but not how anyone thought it would be – “and the trumpet shall sound!” And I wish he wouldn’t sound quite so much!

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