Not your fathers root beer floats

Every weekend from now until October are booked, except this one.  Actually I haven’t even looked into October yet but I am sure there are things on the calendar as school will be well underway.

This weekend we work in the yard.  Up early, work until we can’t stand it or need food or both.  Shower, sleep, repeat.

For this I bought a cool treat for the weekend and since a friend is stopping by who can’t have dairy I bought soy vanilla ice cream to go with my GROWN UP Root Beer.

Yep.  5.9% alcohol.  I bought one single last week to try it and today got a six pack and the ice cream.  You can say it is also a test drive for next weekend when my friend Katherine is in town or a test drive for the end of September when we have a Palm Springs weekend planned with friends.  EITHER way, good reasons in the name of science to try these things out.

One Response to “Not your fathers root beer floats”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Just getting caught up on your blog. Two things: cashew nut ice cream is the bomb if you want another non-dairy (soycream is also fine). Also, don’t kick Lori out of her office for myu visit. I’ll try the couch. 🙂

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