My baby sister is retired

Granted Tureaza is one of the most driven people I know so even though she retired over the weekend from 20 years in the air force she is a solid year into her own growing and thriving business.

IMG_2715Della and I flew out early on Friday morning, we left the house about 4:00 a.m. Since I got home about midnight it was only about 3 hours of sleep.  The connection for us in Dallas was easy but a friend of Tureaza’s, Summer was supposed to be on that connection as well and her connection was late.  My seat was actually both a window and an aisle seat. HA>

It culminated in a lot of driving that day.  We had to get back to Tureaza’s as she had an event for her Prep Cakes that night.  As she finished up the cakes and got ready Della and I drove back to Longview Texas, about an hour to pick up Summer.

We then drove back to Shreveport to where the event was and hung out with and tried to hand out cake samples.  The mosquitos were so bad we ended up giving up and dragging a lot of that cake home.

IMG_2787Saturday was the actual retirement service.  A retired major who was previously her commander drove for eight hours to do the presentation.  Della and I got up and pinned her with the retirement pin.  Then lots of tacos and margaritas later it was done.

The rest of the weekend was playing with her new puppy.  Hanging out and visiting, eating both a nice dinner out on Saturday and then my favorite meal Sunday for brunch I had fried green tomatoes and  crab cakes:



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