Office Desk

This event has been culminating for a while.  Things like wanting a work space for writing, painting and also my on-call weekends working from the coffee table.

Well last week my boss was in town the entire week and during our one-on-one and we talked about my sucky sucky drive especially on Fridays and he brought up my working from home a couple Fridays’ a month depending on work load and coverage.

So I bought a desk for the office that matches Lori’s.  She was gracious enough to make room in the office for me.

IMG_2834We had to get rid of her cabinet to make room.  I thought of briefly turning it into a “kitchen” for Coral by painting a stove top on half and sink on the other and the cabinet as a refrigerator.


However, we have so many projects and no where to store anything. So this went onto the street and was picked up by the end of the day.

We put together my desk and pulled Lori’s chair from her drafting table for now.  I pulled my monitors and docking station out of the garage and set it all up and proceeded to blog about my current life on Ricola.  I already have two days in October that I will be working from home.  Now the trick is to not be to distracting to Lori on the weekends when she is in there working away!






2 Responses to “Office Desk”

  1. Linda M. Says:

    Oh what a wonderful solution! Looks great and you will save so much time not being in the car!

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