Outside Kitty

So this is happening now.

This cat has been around our yard for months literally.  I think I have photos of her, no wait I just went and found the post from August of 2016.  This kitty has been around our yard for OVER a year.

Her paw prints are all over the windowsill in the front of the house were she stares in the window at CeeCee.

She usually runs and jumps over the fence when I get to near her by accident.  I have repeatedly tried to show her to Lori, who miraculously had only gotten glimpses of her, until, today!

Lori headed out to the garage and ran right into the kitty.  Not thirty minutes later, the kitty had a bowl of water, a bowl of kibble and had already had a nice hearty wet cat food lunch.

Now there is a moving blanket in the Oasis for her to curl up on, granted I take responsibility for that.

But the outdoor kitty and the indoor kitty were checking each other out.  CeeCee has been perfectly fine with this kitty until her human started talking to, petting and feeding it.

I’m starting a pool on when the kitty actually gets let into the house.  Any takers?

One Response to “Outside Kitty”

  1. Linda M. Says:

    Well, it won’t be long! (been there done that)

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