Vet Fail

This morning we got up, actually let the outside cat in the house and got pretty full of ourselves that getting her in the kennel wouldn’t be so hard.

What we should have done was put her in it at that very moment.

What really happened was she explored a little while we were getting ready and managed to get out the window into the kitty condo.  Freak out when we tried to wrangle her back into the house to catch her and climbed the side, scooted out under the tarp roof and was gone.

We called and cancelled the appointment and instead I made breakfast and we went out and ran a few errands.

When we got back, she was back so Lori phoned and found two other appointment times.  She would have to take her alone as I would be working but still good.

So 11:15 came around and we went out to get her.  I was sitting on the ground with a towel.  Lori managed to pick her up and we over played the situation and she was gone again.  This time not coming back until both appointment slots were missed and it was dark and dinner time.

So the kitty is still outside.  We realized while catching her she has worms so she can’t be in the house.


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